Award Name Description Request
Snapchat Snapchat Promote LKD using snapchat. Request
Gifter Gifter Gift an account upgrade to another user. Request
YouTube YouTube Promote LKD using YouTube. Request
Instagram Instagram Promote LKD using Instagram. Request
Twitter Twitter Promote LKD using Twitter. Request
Grammar Nazi Grammar Nazi Show use of excellent grammar on posts and threads. Request
Leaker Leaker Has extended contribution to the Leaks subforum. Request
Bug Hunter Bug Hunter Report 1 major bug to staff. Request
Reporter Reporter Keep LKD clean by reporting posts and threads, generally over 100 valid reports. Request
Service Service Former LKD staff member. Request
Hacker Hacker Show knowledge and understanding of hacking. Request
Gamer Gamer Show playtime acquired in online video games. Request
Coder Coder Show knowledge and understanding of software development. Request
Weeaboo Weeaboo Show extended watch time and knowledge of anime. Request
Web Developer Web Developer Show knowledge and understanding of web development. Request
Tutorial Expert Tutorial Expert Has created some awesome tutorials. Request
Graphics Expert Graphics Expert Show talent and experience as a graphics designer. Request
Brain Wizard Brain Wizard Show evidence of wisdom and intelligence. Request
Confirmed Grill Confirmed Grill Show evidence of belonging to the female gender. Request
Businessman Businessman Show evidence of multiple verified trades within BF. (Total of 5,000 USD Transacted) Request
Shoutbox Addict Shoutbox Addict Is often seen conversing in the shoutbox. Request

Award Name Description
GOD GOD These users have purchased the GOD upgrade.
MVP MVP These users have purchased the MVP upgrade.
VIP VIP These users have purchased the VIP upgrade.